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How to handle the stress of the Holiday’s

We have unrealistic expectations for the holidays. Hollywood and songs have conjured up images of a traditional happy holiday dinner with our loved ones. However, because of all these fantasies I really feel the holidays don’t stand a chance!  We lose the meaning behind this season. When lowering our expectations we are able to see realistically. Whatever benefit arises, becomes a bonus. We stop comparing what once existed in the past, or what we once were, to what is in the here and now. All that matters is the moment.

With this in mind, de-stressing can be facilitated by writing a different holiday list: the things we appreciate and the things we used to appreciate. We would then change our perception: Is the cup half full or half empty?

Remember the traffic gets crazier. Ignore people. Road rage is crazy enough as it is. Keep your emotions in check. Breathe. The Holidays go one of two ways: People are either cheery and pleasant or miserable and moody. I prefer to be pleasant all year round. It gets crazy. Don’t get sucked into the madness. Get real about the season.

Take time each day to relax, give yourself peace. Maybe volunteering for Holiday events would help you get a better perspective. If you volunteered at a food kitchen it keeps things honest and real. (I do feel this we should all know this is an all year event that people need help).

Smile regardless of the rude, cranky people. Emotions can run high. We miss our loved ones. We wish we had a partner; things may not be so good financially, etc. Count your blessings. When you check into what other people are lacking it certainly helps us feel blessed.

Exercise. That relieves stress, helps build endorphins. Eat well. Try going organic. Veggies are good. This time of year there is always a box of chocolate or cookies hanging around. Try stepping away from the junk and maybe grabbing a pear. It will do your body good.

Keep things in check. Take one day at a time. Enjoy the season for the right reasons not the silly gifts or parties. Keeping things simple is one of the best ways to enjoy every day.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year to all.

Lots of Love.


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