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How to know when our loved ones are around.

If you’re one of the millions who have witnessed a spirit or a ghost, though they're both the same thing,  you may already know what it feels like.  If you haven’t,  you likely are wondering what the biggest signs are so that you can be aware of those trying to contact you. There are so many ways our loved ones connect with us. 

Our loved one’s really do love us even after passing. Ever heard the expression “Love never dies?” That is awfully true. 

We just transition to a better place which I like to call Heaven. Here are some things for you to know; 

1. You may feel weird sensations or smells. 

Chills, smells a feeling of being touched. Music different sounds, noises that feel strange. Getting hot or cold out of nowhere. Static electricity. Tingles, goosebumps out of nowhere are very common.

This is very usual and normal. As long as you’re not feeling anything that is weighing you down or making you feel ill, its okay. Don’t panic. Remember our loved one’s just can’t transition back to how we knew them. We are souls with human bodies. Stating that you may ‘sense a presence’ sounds vague and ineffable, but it truly is a feeling that’ difficult to describe if you haven’t experienced it before. A major indicator of sensing a spirit is that you feel like you’re being looked at.  You may feel as though there are eyes on you when you’re by yourself or that you’re not alone in your private space. I feel this often. 

At first when I began this journey, I was confused and a tad bit scared. I was also eleven years old. As I grew up, I learned to understand it as well temper it. I was able to get a grip on it but truly my Professor Paul was a tremendous help. 

Your Family and friends may have unfinished messages that they want to communicate with you. 

I am going to tell you to breathe and relax. This is very common. 

2. You dream of the ones you love. 

In dreams they come. Yes indeed! For years after my Grandfather’s death, I prayed to dream of him but he didn’t come. He showed up when I really needed him. When I didn’t know I was pregnant he was the one to make the announcement. When I needed to give my Father a message to save his life, he showed up with many family members and you know what? They were right. Because of that dream, we did save my Father’s life. I am grateful that my family was able to relay that to me. I’m pretty sure my parents were too. We all were. 

3. You may hear a song on the radio played over on different stations. 

Music to my ears- Yes there are songs that we shared with our relatives and friends. The song Ava Maria makes me swell up. My Grandfather used to cry when he heard that song. They played it at his Mother’s funeral. I never met that Great Grandmother. I’ll be sure to have a moment or two during Christmas. It’s a given. 

Our loved one’s can relate to music. So can we. Don’t be shocked if an oldie but goodie comes on and you hear it on various stations. That’s not a coincidence but a sign.

4. Electric Avenue

A very common way that you’ll connect is through light bulbs flickering or going off. I just read for a family that said their fan and light goes on the same time every night. Their electrician made sure there were no issues. It was her husband. 

Their coffee pot would start going off the same time every morning, that was her Mother. Notice the signs. Notice the connections. The world after this is a beautiful one. They still want to be in contact. Electricity is energy. We are all connected. 

When my Grandmother passed I had just flown back from New Jersey from saying my goodbye’s. A few days later the lights on my porch blew out. I knew she had passed before the phone even rang. These things are not coincidences, they are real life stories. Don’t discount them.

5. You’re Hearing things

I talk to myself all the time. Ok- That was funny but it’s true. I am the best at giving advice so why should I ask anyone else. J/k Very often we will hear a simple whisper, look around and no one is there. That is also common. Sometimes you will relate to that voice, the familiarity of your loved one is very comforting. They may say your name or even a word like a nickname. I’ve had clients tell me their relatives have simply said; “Im here”. It was a bit spooky at first but you will become more comfortable when you understand no one is here to hurt you. 

6.  Coincidences? 

Coincidences are a huge part of everyday life, but what happens when there are multiple coincidences involving similar people or objects?

This is one of the signs a spirit is around you. If you run into the same person twice, for example, your family members may be trying to hook you back up. This is very common. I’ve written about this in my book Relationship Reset – Your Guide to Vibrant Love. Many relatives want you to be around certain people that are GOOD for you, not the ones that drain you and bring you down. 

7.  Certain Places Become More Significant 

Let’s say you shared a love of strawberries. Suddenly everything is showing up strawberries. Strawberry flavored drinks, cakes at parties that have strawberries on them. Gifts that come with yes, strawberries! 

There are so many signs that come in, even the simplest ones. They are signs and signals. You may even smell a certain food that reminds you of days that you shared together. 

8.  Pennies from Heaven

At this point, you’re likely asking: how do I know that a spirit is actually trying to contact me when these things happen? After all, coincidences do exist!

Pennies, dimes, cardinals even butterflies. These are very, very common and often I’m asked why does my Dad leave me pennies but then I find dimes that I feel are from my Grandmother. It’s a loving gesture that we are reminded that death is not eternal, life is.

While one of these unusual occurrences may be a simple coincidence, more than one of them is unlikely to be. I love when I am reading for a client and their loved one’s just pop in. It’s like having company over. Many people have never experienced a Mediumship read. They are interesting to say the least. Most of all they remind us we are not alone. They also validate the continuity of life after death. They heal and allow closure. 

We are always searching for Science to prove to us that there is life after death. I’m not sure they really can. I do know that it is a given after seeing and feeling what I have for so many years. It is comforting to know that the people and even animals we love still care about what we are doing until we meet them again.

Wishing you joy,


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