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Learning To Peddle Again

First we are born, depending solely on others to care for our needs. We learn to crawl & walk by instinct. I had braces on my legs because I was bowlegged so I was slightly impaired. (Yes, you can crack a joke). As time moved along I was free to move, free to walk, free to grow.

It is human nature to survive, push and breathe. We lean on others that either enhance our growth or stunt it. Which one are you allowing? My Parents allowed me to walk and fall. My Grandfather taught me how to ride a bike. Remember those flowered cover banana seats? Yep, I had one with a pink basket. I fell so many times that I wanted to give up and throw the bike back in the garage to never learn to ride.

That did not happen. I learned. The scars were pretty. My knees were bloody but bandage rather nicely all wrapped up and sealed with a kiss from someone who loved me. (Ah, how sweet)

I rode that bike honking my horn all over town. I was pretty cute too, thought I was Queen of the neighborhood. Maybe. I grew older, adult life set in. Responsibilities came along, children were born, jobs were taken on. I loved being a Mother, still do.

Relationships failed. I wanted to go back to my childhood and ride that yellow floral seated banana bike. That was easier, less painful then being an adult dealing with heart ache. I would rather have stuck a needle in my eye. (Ick!)

However, step by step, peddle by peddle we learn to walk again, ride again, live again. Growth and time seem to have a way of adjusting things. It’s a hard pill to swallow when we are hurting, when we can only see blackness instead of any light. Where will the end of the tunnel lead us?

Here you go; Go forward slowly. Put your leg over the seat of the bike, get comfy now so you can adjust yourself to ride. You won’t fall because guess what? You’ve done this before. You just forgot how to peddle, someone knocked you off your bike. Your knees were badly scraped, ouch!

Go forward one step at a time into the unknown magical universe for though you see darkness everywhere you look, the light will once again shine warmly on your skin.

The scares will lessen there sting, the wounds will fade. “Time”.

Time will have mercy on you because indeed it does heal all wounds yet in turn if you are ready to receive your lessons will be uncovered. Take those lessons and apply them to; “Now”. Go Forth with your head held high and know you are loved. First and foremost, love yourself because you are a child of The Creator who knows your soul.

Let the wind caress your tears to dry them so soon enough you will smile once again.

Believe, hope, pray, love.

From my heart to yours,


the reason people awaken, is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul
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