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No longer afraid

Afraid to speak the truth

Afraid to be outcasted

Afraid to lose friends, family, job.

Afraid to be picked on

Afraid to be left alone

Afraid to be called names

Afraid of being forgotten about

Afraid of losing life

Afraid of no interaction with others, they’re too afraid.

Afraid of what people will say on media sites that I do and do not know.

A lie no matter how it’s told, can never become truth.

Outcasted by whom, society? (Because they know everything?)

No one does

Family, friends? You can agree to disagree. If not why do you always feel the need to please these people? I used to be this way, the urge is getting less and less.

If it’s your truth why feel bad- sticks and stones ..

Your unique and unforgettable. Did you forget others? No. Then why do you think they’ll forget you?

Life is short. Memories live forever. We’re not designed to live forever.

Who cares what people think on media sites. The media is propaganda. Everyone wants to make money. Use your money wisely.

Let others think for themselves. You think for you.

“Show me how big your brave is”- Sara Barellis

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