Remember who you are

Early this morning my neighborhood had a community garage sale. I scouted out in search of toys and blankets for our local Humane Society and our Primate Sanctuary. They are always in need of things. I sometimes will chuckle at how much people really price a used towel for. Sometimes you can really find some nice things that you can wash and donate, if not I am at the Pet store. I love doing these kinds of things. I feel better for helping because I know that the animals need things and all these places run on donations and volunteers.

The last stop was out of my neighborhood with signs posted for an Estate Sale. Everything was FREE! I questioned but entered. The entire apartment was being taken apart from washers to dryers, hangers to dish detergent. There were beautiful new comforters, sheets, towels. These were things the animals need. Who died here that had such nice things?

The Aunt was running the show while people were ripping things out of sockets. Two men took a free brand new washer and dryer as I asked about the towels and bedding. She told me you better take what you want because it’s all free, I have no use for any of this. The woman that passed was 32 years old. I saw her license on the counter and car keys. She worked at a local grocery store, she was an Organ Donor. I felt terrible that she passed away. I don’t know how. I felt uncomfortable as her Aunt was really short with me.

I took the comforters and towels, politely thanked her and left. They were all donated to the shelters.  I couldn’t help but wonder what her life was like. She lived alone, she had a rabbit. She was young and now everyone was rummaging through everything she possessed.  It makes you wonder. I felt sad. I hoped the woman who passed was happy that things were being donated to help animals.

Our lives are so complex. Everyone is always in a rush. We forget who we are sometimes. We are worried about money, love, material things. I know people who are more concerned with keeping up with the neighbors and their church friends then they are about family or values, even with themselves.  I have ex-in-laws who are spiteful in their everyday life and seem to enjoy causing rifts between families. I don’t understand why. I used to care that they said things behind my back now I just ignore it all. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the legacy we leave behind.

Today’s field trip really helped me once again put life back into perspective. I know we need certain things to live. We all have bills to pay, responsibilities that we are obligated to live up to. Can we incorporate kindness and being a balanced, loving person while we do what we must? When we find who we really are can we not lose that person in mundane things? Can we really not be so attached to material things and try not to worry about the neighbors or what others think of us? How can we make ourselves and this whole world better?

I don’t live in a fantasy world. I do believe people can change. I do believe that we have to be the change that we want to see in this world. I want to always remember who I am, my values and morals. I want to stand by my convictions. When it’s my time to pass I hope I will leave nothing but happiness, joy and love as my legacy. Every material thing is irrelevant.



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