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Types of Soulmates

Do soulmates come in different forms?

In the traditional sense, you may have heard that there was only the type of soulmate that you are in love with.

There are  several different types of soul mates.

You may have a teacher or a co-worker with whom you have a connection.

This could help you understand the things they say and allow you to work in conjunction with them flawlessly. 

Essentially, you should be aware of different forms of soulmates.

Our pets are also soulmates. I’ve experienced this with each pet and I have been blessed to witness this with my children. They have close bonds with their pets.

What are the different types of soulmates?

Focusing on understanding soul connections, you would likely benefit from learning more about the different types of soulmates out there. Here’s a look at 12 common types of soulmates.

You don’t have to encounter all of these soulmates in your life.

Everyone is different.

Just be aware that these are some of the possible connections you may notice.

1. Romantic soulmates ❤️

This is likely one of the types of soulmates you are most familiar with, as this is the kind that you may have heard about the most. A romantic soulmate is what some people consider the love of their life. It’s also the most common and most understood.

Many people decide to wait for that “special” person you that you want to spend your life with.

This is the person you will likely marry. Also, you will probably feel like you get along and connect, and you can see yourself growing old with this person. 

You can help each other grow as a person once your relationship grows stronger or over the years.

2. Soulmates who are karmic

You have likely heard of the term karma and think it is terrible, as is when someone gets what is coming to them whenever they do something hurtful or mean.

You may not know that karma is a concept in the Buddhist religion. (We’ve inherited these things through the years)

It can also be found with slightly different meanings and approaches in different religions. Overall, karma may refer to sound or harmful interactions with others and what happens because of them.

In terms of a soulmate. relationship, karmic soulmates really can influence your life at any stage.

You don’t have to have a good or bad relationship with a karmic soulmate.

They are a person or people that influences your life and may cause a turning point in the events of your life.

3. Twin flame soulmates 💜

This type of soulmate is unique. It is called twin flame because it likely seems like two people share the same soul, so they are essentially mirror opposites.

Believe it or not this kind of soulmate’s spiritual connection doesn’t have to be romantic, it can be. 

As you may understand, you probably only have one of these soulmates in your life, and if you become friends with this person, it may take a lot of work to maintain your friendship or relationship. I’ve noticed it is a powerful relationship and usually takes more than anyone ever expects to give.

It can be exhausting and liberating. They say twin flames never end up working. I do not agree with that statement.


4. Business soulmates 💵

Have you ever worked with someone, and you just meshed well together? This may be because you shared a soulmate’s spiritual connection with them. When you can work on projects without competition and strife. You enjoy working with them as they do you.

You might never have a soulmate like this since they could be rare, but when you do find them, it clicks. Business partners click. It works.

5. Platonic soulmates

Another one of the types of soulmates are platonic soulmates. This kind may be harder to spot than others.

It will likely be a person you can collaborate with and like, but it probably won’t be your best friend. 

Instead, it may be someone you were able to create a project with or a person.

You may feel like you need to check in on them from time to time.

6. Soul family

If you think about it, you may understand that it makes sense that you can have a soulmate connection to family members. You may have more connections in a family than you do in other parts of your life. 

These are not only the people you were born to be related to, but you may share similar traits and motives throughout your life.

You can be close to them as your family, but you may consider them your best friends. I believe we choose our family before coming here. ( See other blog)

7. Soul connection

There might be people in your life that you feel are there for a reason. Perhaps they are supposed to learn something from you, or you are supposed to learn something from them. 

Either way, they may be soul ties for you.

8. Childhood soulmates

As you can imagine, childhood soulmates have known each other since they were growing up and had a bond, unlike the one you have with anyone else. I still have many of mine.

There is so much history there that you have your language, jokes, and the way you act around each other. 

Sometimes our childhood soulmates stay just that way; in our childhood

9. Soulmate friends

Your soulmate friends are the friends that you have in your support system. If you have one confidant who always has a kind word and helpful advice for you, this is likely a soulmate friend. 

They will be there for you and never let you down. It doesn’t even matter how long you’ve known each other. 

Friends are pretty invaluable to your health, so if you have this type of soulmate, you should maintain this type of relationship.

I adore my best friend. She has been my rock. She is my person. I trust her with my life.

10. Soul partner

You can have a soul partner relationship with just about anyone.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic thing, as it can even be a connection with a friend or family member. 

11. Kindred spirits

You’ve heard that term.

It is a spiritual connection between soulmates where it feels like you are attracted to someone on another level. 

Is there a person in your life that you know that you feel like you have a deep bond with, even if you don’t necessarily hang out often or do things together? 

When you have a friend that you don’t see regularly, but you still feel like you are always with them, this may be a kindred spirit for you. Sometimes those connections are long distance.

12. Soul teachers

While a soul teacher can be an actual teacher that you have had, it might also be a person tasked with teaching you something.

If you think back throughout your life, you may remember times when you learned big lessons reasonably necessary for your life. 

My professor Dr. Paul was my soul teacher. I knew the moment I sat down at his desk.

I had said; “ I don’t know why I’m here or what to do with all these things I hear and feel”.

He laughed and said; “ No kidding, you’re hearing people who have passed and you’re clairaudient”.

I was clueless but he was right. He was my soul teacher. He always will be.

I’m interested in your thoughts.

Lots of love,

Michelle xo

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Beautifully said, just loved. So true!

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