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A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth’s shadow falls directly over the Full Moon. For a brief period, the Moon disappears and the night turns dark.

In ancient times, it was believed that this darkness was a sign of great change and a bad omen for what was to come. It was believed that a Lunar Eclipse would bring a rise of darkness and that evil would flourish. Many cultures around the world believed this. The Mayans were notoriously connected to the cycles of the sun, moon and the stars.

The Physical Level

Lunar Eclipses tend to zap our energy, making us feel drained or lethargic. They can also mess with our sleep cycle and hormones, making us feel irritable, tired, moody, and just out of balance in general.

The cycles of the Moon also coincide with the menstrual cycle, and it is very common for women to be bleeding, ovulating or experiencing PMS during an Eclipse.

Our souls

Whenever there is strong lunar activity, it always creates the right vibration and environment for working and strengthening our intuitive and psychic gifts.

Lunar Eclipses also have the ability to reveal to us part of our soul contract or soul path as they often unlock events that align with our destiny.

What is a soul contract? What does it have to do with the eclipse?

Soul contracts are pre-birth agreements guiding life experiences and relationships for personal and spiritual growth. They’re influenced by connections with our soul family and evolve with us, blending destiny and free will to facilitate self-discovery and fulfillment.

Eclipses are really a guiding hand from the Universe and reveal to us the next chapter of growth that is getting ready to unfold for us.

To counteract these symptoms, it’s important to understand what signs the cosmos is trying to show you during an Eclipse.

You might find yourself expressing your creativity, doing some releasing work, exercising, and getting plenty of rest can also help to bring balance to your body.

Practicing lots of self-love, self-care, and visualizing a healing white light around you can also help too.

Working with crystals is also a great way to help temper any sensitive or frustrated energy the Eclipse may bring. Praying, talking to God. This to me is imperative. Yet, I talk to God daily. You may find you need a stronger dose.

Any white, blue, pink or purple crystals tend to work really well for lunar energy, however trust and follow your intuition when picking the perfect crystal to work with. This is also a good time to do your vision boards and manifest.

Everyone is going to feel the effects differently, and everyone will be called to walk in slightly different directions under this energy.

Lunar Eclipses are turning points. They are points of rebirth, they are points of highly concentrated feminine energy, and all of this allows us to go within and work out our highest truth.

Lunar Eclipses always put you where you need to be. They always guide you in the right direction and they always reveal to you exactly what you need to know for where you are heading.

With love,


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