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What Clutters Your Brain?

Every couple of months I shed my closets. I check my home and every corner for things I really don’t need. Now that Holidays have passed, it’s time to clean house.

I am big on donating and recycling so its not too often things get thrown away.

While this takes effort, time and thought it also applies to ourselves and what we are cluttering in our mind and body.

I always ask myself; “When was the last time you wore that or used this”? If its been more then six months or I may not like the item, why is it cluttering my space?

I work much better with clean space and how about when you feel great being organized and giving things away to others that could really use it?

Let’s examine that with our thoughts, brain, relationships, jobs, etc.

With a Job I don’t suggest you quit and ignore your obligations. In fact I don’t suggest you ignore anything.

If someone or something is really dragging you down, always negativity or cannot be good for you, why would you surround yourself with these kinds of people or situation?

You can’t change anyone -you can change what you allow. De-Cluttering your life is a positive step because just like my closets now there is room for new thing. I can keep things where they are find-able. With all that clutter, I never find much but frustration.

It’s not easy to just let go.It’s not easy to change. Very often it becomes anxious and painful. We tend to be afraid of the what ifs.

What will happen if I let go, will they ever see that I am gone, does anyone care?

Let the clutter clear your thoughts and see what comes in. Life is very short and very often spirals. We lose people we hold dear.

It isn’t easy because we all want to be loved, appreciated, recognized.

Leaving that friendship behind or taking on a new career may be the best thing you could do.

Hold on and love that which is good. You have more then you realize.

With Love, Michelle

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