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Why are Psychics wrong at times?

Sometimes readings are not all they appear to be.

There are various ways that people get their information I personally am Clairaudient so I can hear more than I can see unless I'm being described what something looks like and very often it's easy to miss calculate or misunderstand something if it's not clear enough.

I've noticed that a lot of people feel that a psychic should know every single thing about them or their family or anything that is a pressing issue.

That's actually not a fair statement or assessment because no one is God.

Just because you are a practicing intuitive doesn't mean that you should know everything. Everyone is intuitive I've said that more times than I can count.

The issue is that you have to work on it. trust it, believe it, understand it so that you can be comfortable with your God-given natural abilities.

Here are some reasons why a Psychic can be wrong..

No psychic should claim to be infallible.

Whatever sources of information or insight that they’re drawing on, they still need to interpret that information and figure out how it might apply to you.

For instance, the reader sees images of a house, they could say “I see a house.” And yes, that would be the right thing to say. But your psychic may interpret that you’re going to buy a new house.

While it’s true you might buy a house soon, it may come in the form of a real estate investment as opposed to your dream home. Here, the psychic will be wrong not because they saw wrongly but because they interpreted inaccurately.

To that end, a good psychic will avoid giving interpretations they are unsure of. Instead, they should explain the information they get to avoid giving a false reading.

Emotional Baggage

Remember, psychics are also humans and so are not immune to anger, sadness, fear, or even grief due to life challenges. When a psychic’s heart is this state, they will most likely find it difficult to offer an accurate reading.

A good psychic should be able to find ways to manage their emotions so that they don’t negatively impact their work. Meditation is one such way they can use to clear their minds before entering a reading.

Emotionally Attached

Seasoned Readers that provide sessions are not likely to end well if feelings are involved. In fact, you should go for a psychic to whom you have no emotional attachment. Obviously, a psychic will be reluctant to offer negative predictions to a family member or a friend.

Neutral is always best this is why I detach. It's not that I don't care about the person I'm reading for I just detach myself emotionally so that I can do it.

Have Unrealistic Expectations?

One way to leave a psychic session disappointed is to go there with unrealistic expectations.

While good psychics will do everything possible to provide a reading that is meaningful for you, you can’t really expect them to provide answers to every aspect of your life.

Your Circumstance May Change

Life is not always constant and neither are you. Everything is liquid in the sense that it changes.

You may be provided a reading based on your current circumstances only to find out later that the reading no longer makes sense due to shifting conditions. Also, you can change the reading and go in a different direction.


Everything is energy. You're energy during the reading will play a key role in determining the direction that the reading takes. If you come to a reading with a negative mind, you can block your psychic reader from sharing their information.

You and your reader want to create a great environment for a positive

You Don’t Want the Reading to be True

I can't tell you how many times I detested having to tell what I knew no one wanted to hear.

Unpleasant information such as loss of a job, or financial losses, relationship problems are difficult to relay. No one wants to hear it. However, if you're armed with those insights, you’ll be doing everything to try and prevent such predictions from coming true.

This can bring changes in your life that then takes you on a different path from that predicted by the psychic.

Are they biased?

Psychics depend on a range of information to obtain insights regarding the future, don’t forget they are still human. As such, their decisions can be influenced by religion, culture, politics, or money.For instance, a psychic with a Christian background would be biased on matters of abortion or pre-marital sex.

The same is the case for a psychic with a negative history of financial matters. They are likely to discourage their clients from engaging in risky business ventures.

A good psychic, however, should derive ways to provide an accurate reading free from their personal bias. There should never be a personal opinion or feeling in a reading. If that ever happens, walk away.

No one is God

Truthfully, even the best can just be plain wrong. Those who've made a name for themselves that you see on TV, even they are wrong sometimes. You'll just never see that. It's TV.

I hope this helped you.


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