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Why are Psychics wrong at times?

Sometimes readings are not all they appear to be.

There are various ways that people get their information I personally am Clairaudient so I can hear more than I can see unless I'm being described what something looks like and very often it's easy to miss calculate or misunderstand something if it's not clear enough.

I've noticed that a lot of people feel that a psychic should know every single thing about them or their family or anything that is a pressing issue.

That's actually not a fair statement or assessment because no one is God.

Just because you are a practicing intuitive doesn't mean that you should know everything. Everyone is intuitive I've said that more times than I can count.

The issue is that you have to work on it. trust it, believe it, understand it so that you can be comfortable with your God-given natural abilities.

Here are some reasons why a Psychic can be wrong..

No psychic should claim to be infallible.

Whatever sources of information or insight that they’re drawing on, they still need to interpret that information and figure out how it might apply to you.