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You always hurt the one you love?

You always hurt the one you love. Really?

I have heard that expression so many times that it’s insane. If you love someone so much why on earth would you hurt them? We hurt people often sometimes it is done with intention other times it is not. I myself try to be mindful of not starting an argument with anyone. I do fall short. I have that Italian temper and every now and then I admit it gets the better of me.

On the flip side I am very conscious of trying not to hurt someone that I love. Simply because I love them and would rather I take the fall or be hurt rather them. I have a friend who I have known for almost 20 year now and one thing she has always told me was that when you really love someone even in moments of anger, hateful words just cannot seem to come out of her mouth because she loves her husband so much the last thing she would want to do is be that cruel.

When there is true respect, love and admiration of another there is no need for being cruel. You can always agree to disagree. I believe that is healthy. We cannot always like what our partner does or says. None of us are going to be the same, that would be boring. When there is real love there is no room for challenges, games, screaming matches, lies, etc.

Love is magical. It can make the world go round.

How about we say; “We never hurt the one’s we love.”

Wishing you love. Michelle

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