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If we were on a sinking ship, I’d share my door with you.

Why didn't she share her door with Jack in the Titanic? It's a love story, correct?

Valentine's Day is here—the day we celebrate love and our own relationships with fancy dinners, romantic cards, flowers, and candies .

I'm skipping the chocolates.

We have good reason to believe that getting romantic and focusing on our partner is good for our relationship. But are there certain relationships, or certain people, for whom that isn't the best avenue.

My view is it's so hyped up that everyone feels like they're expected to out perform when that's really not necessary. Being present is what matters and being communicative.

If you're in a happy relationship, you'll frequently express affection, appreciation, and admiration for your person. Little notes, I love you's. Texting, calling, spending time together. It really is the "little things".

  • While Valentine's Day rituals could spark romance, they may be taken as insincere or obligatory and lose their power to serve as assurances of a partner's love and affection, particularly for people who already have reason to doubt their partner's affections.

  • Because the holiday is public, we see other people celebrating their love and may get the false impression that others are more in love than they really are—and more than we are. Don't compare relationships. We are all different.

❤️ My Father is notorious for not giving my Mother cards for any occasion. I understand why she gets upset. A simple card is something that can mean so much. He actually just gave her a beautiful card.

He loves her regardless of cards or lack there of. He just may be the type of person that shows not writes it all down and I personally feel he is. He's just not into the whole card thing but he shows her in other ways.

This is why I say don't compare relationships. Everyone is different. Everyone expresses differently. Valentine's Day can trigger mixed emotions good or miserable.

  • If a relationship isn't going well, participating in the Valentine's Day ritual may feel like too much effort, or even feel especially insincere. It may feel obligatory.

If you're single, alone, unattached and wishing you weren't, it gets a little overwhelming. You may feel like the outcast. Everyone is with someone but you.

If you're heartbroken over a break up or a loss it may just feel like D day not V day. Understand you're human and thinks change. You still have the opportunity to meet a good loving partner.

Valentines Day can be so over rated because it's commercialized. We also forget ourselves and why we need to love ourselves first. We alwars forget that. For some reason everyone skips that part. To be perfectly honest, Im at fault for that too.

Over the years I've learned my value. I matter and so do you.

Last but not least, be with someone who would share their door with you.

Whatever your take is I hope you have a Happy Tuesday the 14th of February. It's just a day not your life.

#be mine

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